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Derrick Hamilton
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    In Connecticut at time of Brooklyn Murder!

    State of New York )
    County of Cayuga ) ss.:

    DERRICK HAMILTON, being duly sworn to 28USC 1746 declaration of per jury hereby states the facts below are true:
       I present proof clear and convincing evidence I am actually innocent!

    Derrick Hamilton is innocent, yet has been wrongly imprisoned for the last 19 years for the tragic shooting death of Nathaniel Cash, which occurred on January 4th 1991 at 215 Monroe St., Brooklyn, N.Y. at approximately 11:00 am.

    Derrick needs your help!

    Overwhelming evidence was presented to the Kings County Court to show Derrick was in New Haven, connetticut, which is 1 hour and 53 minutes away from Brooklyn, where the murder occured.
    Police documents and reliable evidence demonstrate that Hamilton has been wrongly convicted.
    derrick has presented at least 13 witnesses to demonstrate his innocence. Thus, the King's County Court has mechanically excluded all the proffered evidence, even from New York City's own police officials that show Derrick is wrongfully convicted.
    Judge Rappaport, on November 19th, 1999 is on record in court stating: "It has been troublesome to the court. It is a one witness conviction, based upon a witness conviction that does not seem reliable"
    The New York State Parole Division began holding Parole release hearings on Derrick in September 2009. Derrick refused to admit to killing Nathaniel Cash and an innocent man will spend a lifetime in prison unless....


    Derrick needs you to join him and rally in the "free Derrick Campaign".
    You can call, write or email the following people:
    (click here or on "who to contact below") or call any local radio, T.V. or newspapers on Derrick's behalf.

    Together we can free Derrick from the unjust imprisonment he suffers.

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